Friday, June 28, 2019

June 18 at the new center downtown

Flights were fine, got the rental, drove to the new place and walked in just after 2 full busses had arrived. Big central area with staff working at one wall/chairs lined up for clients; a line for the kitchen/dining area; a rather impressive curved bar area where volunteers were giving out tolietry tote bags and misc--diapers, hair ties, extra toothbrushes, and so on. I didn't see anyone I knew and wasn't wearing my volunteer t-shirt so had to explain who I was as I checked things ok, small room for sandwiches and snack bags, limited dining space, all the clothing now behind make shift counters with volunteers behind picking clothes for folks. Slim pickings, it looked like. Then I saw a person or two I knew and then more, checked out upstairs where all the sorting will be done, lots of room for storage and they'll set up a clinic space there too.

Guards at the doors to keep folks from leaving and wandering all over. I was naturally put to work almost immediately--folks at the first respite center, 3 blocks away, needed to be walked to the bus station. Since the new place is kitty corner to the bus station, it's no big deal. So I did that and then other requests people with questions...I'd contacted Megan and she came around 430 with the key and showed me plans for the storage and sorting upstairs. I was tired from getting up early for the flights and being immersed in 100+ degree heat so didn't stay much longer. But I'll be there in the morning....

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