Saturday, July 27, 2019

Carrizo Comecrudo Protest

July 27, noon, Los Encinos Park, McAllen, TX

Mix of Indigenous activists and others; ARISE was there as was Proyecto Azteca. There is a cemetery with ancestral graves, and the proposed wall will go through it (it's near the wildlife refuge as well). My friend and I visited the camp; leader Juan Macias and others camping out to protect the graves.

This protest opened with songs of the earth; I didn't understand the words but the rhythm, singing, movement were deeply calming. Speakers addressed the historical crossing of "the border" and noted that the border, to many Indigenous peoples, is an imaginary line that simply complicates their lives and separates them from family and communities. Others noted that the people haven't moved--the border has. And that is exactly true.

The protest was well planned and attended and music continued after we left. A few pictures.

on the street

stage to left, audience right

I like flags



nice breeze for flags

the requisite dog

on the street

Juan Mancias speaking


tents from parking lot


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