Friday, October 19, 2018

personal stories

There aren't any.

I've heard a few, but personal stories are, well, personal. It's something of an invasion of privacy to ask about someone's journey and then publish it. It may also re-traumatize the refugee.

No pictures either, though I have a few. If you'd entered the country "at an unapproved location" you wouldn't want your picture published, either. Perhaps the odds of ICE seeing it are slim but why take chances?

So there are stories elsewhere, but not here.

Ok, maybe just one. I was waiting at the station with detainees waiting patiently to collect their bus tickets. In a line, of course. We do love orderly lines here. I met a young woman, in her mid-20's, whose English was better than her Spanish. She'd grown up in Colorado and one unfortunate day was pulled over for driving without a license.

Note: We who do not live in dense urban areas MUST have a car and MUST drive to get anywhere. Distances can be great and public transport lacking or absent. I understand why she was driving without a license. And btw shouldn't we offer licenses to folks sin papeles (without papers)? I certainly would prefer licensed and insured drivers.

Anyway the local police contacted Immigration and she was deported with her young son; she'd been in detention a week without a shower and only cold sandwiches for meals. I hope her family in Colorado can help her....

mini-rant re Sanctuary Cities and local police vs immigration.
Immigration is federal; local law enforcement is NOT supposed to enforce federal law. Sanctuary Cities are simply places that choose not to have local law enforcement work for the federal government. Most immigrant communities are safer than native-born and using local police as la migra damages community relations and makes crimes harder to solve.

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