Friday, January 4, 2019

Brownsville Casa Padre

I missed an important part of the Brownsville story....Casa Padre is an old abandoned Walmart turned into detention center for children. I am going to cut and paste the experience of Bay Area Border Relief:

A very emotional day as we went to stand for the 1500 unaccompanied minors that are being held at an old WalMart in Brownsville. 25 of us marched, sang, cried and witnessed a place that looked like a prison. Our team brought 1500 gift bags with beanies, candy, cards and more only to be denied. Everything was in clear plastic bags but they said no. As we stood there in silence I thought of all the mamas who are waiting for their children and the boys inside feeling so alone. For those of you that followed the news this summer, many of you read about Casa Padre in Brownsville and this is where we marched together today. Along our way we found two angel mariachis that were willing to sing with us. As we prepared to leave we asked them to sing one more song together. They said this “vamos a cantar un canción que estoy seguro que su mamá o papá les quisieron cantar si podieron verlos, Hermoso Cariño” (we are going to sing a song that we know their moms and dads wished they could sing to them if they were here) and just like that we sang them the song we hoped would echo through the cold concrete walls. We left a piece of our hearts there today with prayers that there is hope for them to someday be returned to their families and with a determined spirit to fight for change. We need your help to keep pressuring your politicians to remember these children- we can’t forget them here...
@Bay Area Border Relief #EstamosContigo #noestansolos
We ended our night giving hundreds of the gift bags away to all the children and families at the Humanitarian Center. The smiles were priceless....

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