Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vietnam War movies

just a sample with comments....not in order of recommendation.

Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam
Excerpts of authentic letters, voiced by a variety of celebs, along with archival footage. Great sound track, too.

Heaven and Earth
We forget that the war didn't start when we arrived. This film begins with the French and continues into the US with an army sergeant and his Vietnamese wife. Thanksgiving scene is unforgettable.

Begins with a black and white world view that shifts to show the moral ambiguity of the war. A bit preachy.

Full Metal Jacket
Boot camp and one of the few movies showing urban warfare. Graphic.

Born on the 4th of July
Based on Ron Kovic's memoir. Young and idealistic, the time of Camelot, two tours in Vietnam, wounded, the hippie and anti-war movement, the Democratic Convention. And finally a cameo of Kovic protesting at the Republican convention.

The Deer Hunter
Hard for me to watch, follows friends going to Vietnam together. Russian roulette....

Apocalypse Now
War is simply insane.

Good Morning Vietnam
Robin Williams, always superb. Radio DJ who learns the hypocrisy of the military in Vietnam.

Hamburger Hill
Amazing. If you think Vietnam was about winning territory, this film will show you our "strategy" of taking land and then abandoning it.

We were Soldiers
Ia Drang valley, an early battle showing how unprepared we were for guerrilla warfare. Based on true story. Excellent.

In Country
A look back, as a daughter tries to understand her dead father's experiences.

Hanoi Hilton
As the prison in Hanoi was called...where McCain served as a prisoner of war.

Fall of Saigon
Documentary showing our disastrous attempt to evacuate as the NVA approached.

Air America
Oops, is the CIA helping fund the war by transporting drugs?

Casualties of War
Conflict in the platoon over treatment of civilians. Excellent but can be hard to watch.

The Green Berets
With John Wayne. Grotesque. Unrealistic. Basically a propaganda film.

Bat 21
Great movie, period. True story of pilot shot down behind enemy lines and his efforts to stay alive.

Might have more recommendations and/or comments later. That's it for now.
The one I can watch over and over and over is Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.

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