Saturday, February 16, 2019

McAllen Feb 2019 #4, including the story of how an ICE agent treated a mother/daughter

gotta say, I am so old I remember when # was a pound sign....or a number sign....and now a hashtag. Kind of cool to see the evolution. Two topics today, ICE abuse and volunteering for a boss you don't see eye to eye with.

ICE abuse:I was in the sandwich room (again--we need lots of sandwiches to send with refugees on the bus), working with a volunteer refugee. Here is what she told me:

She was detained by ICE with her 10 year old daughter. The agent accused her of being the girl's aunt rather than mother. She protested. She asked to tell her story; the agent said after he finished talking. He accused her of being the aunt, said she was a criminal, threatened to send her home but keep her daughter in the US. The daughter was right there, and hearing this, she fell to the floor sobbing. Mom asked if she could please say something; the agent said No, you are a criminal.

THIS is how ICE treated her--trying to create cases of "human trafficking" to please the bosses and trump? Is this the sort of trafficking trump claims justifies a wall? A totally baseless claim merely to torture the poor woman and her daughter, who had spent a very difficult month trying to reach the US to request asylum. Shameful.

Are they cruel and therefore choose to become ICE agents?
Or does the setting make ordinary people cruel?
Regardless, I begin to think ICE is corrupt beyond repair and should be disbanded. We have the border patrol. ICE was created in response to 9/11 and this use of ICE is not in keeping with its mandate.

There is a reason that the US does not have a national police force. Many of the countries the refugees are fleeing from do. Let's go back to not having.

 Friday  started ok, as I arrived by 7 am and helped those heading out early. Around 830 I was called out of the sandwich room and scolded by the sister....who was upset with me because the day before she thought I was too, I don't know, too much not in one place, if that makes sense. She'd asked me to do something and returned later and I wasn't there. So she told me yesterday to find a job and a place and STAY THERE.

I have long recognized that we have very different styles. I'm not a big believer in the zodiac but she really must be a Virgo. I move fast--she thinks I am panicking. Yesterday I was stung by the criticism and also felt it unfair. I did the job she asked me to do. Then I went on to do something else that needed doing. I don't run the place but I know some of the tasks and needs I can help with. The idea of completing and job and then JUST STANDING THERE is crazy, especially when we have so few volunteers.

ok, Virgo, but I am Aquarius and I can triage....out of the 7-8 possible tasks that need doing, I can prioritize. I can go to women's clothing, help those leaving within the next two hours, ask the others to come back, go to the sweater room or the blankets or get the snack bags etc.

I make her nervous. She makes me nervous. I dunno about her, but I try to stay out of her way....and not judge. No doubt the world needs virgos. I suppose, lol.


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