Monday, April 15, 2019

April McAllen #1, including the girl who locked herself in the shower

and one gets so busy....I didn't even slow down when that kid ran by with a gallon size plastic bag over his head. Just grabbed it and told him it wasn't a toy as I continued down the hall.

Seriously reminds me of Jesus Christ Superstar....there's too many of you.....

Only put in 8 hours today and did take a lunch break.  Most things are the same but there are a LOT more porta potties, which is very good, and not so many volunteers. Apparently the winter Texans have headed back north.

But rather than always playing catch up, I am thinking. If I could find a couple of women who are mature and not leaving right away, couldn't I train them to help with clothes/shoes/sweaters/baby supplies and so on? A couple of guys for the men's clothes. The rules are fairly simple--one family at a time in the room (they are small rooms), encourage making a choice and not shopping, remind them it's only for the bus trip to their families. I am going to try tomorrow, see how it goes. I know, when these volunteers/refugees leave, there will need to be more training. But that makes more sense than my trying to be everywhere at once--a kid didn't have shoes so I go to the shoe room. Can't help anyone else....a woman hasn't bathed or changed in several days and is only asking for socks--she doesn't have any. So I go to the women's clothing room. But I have to tell people I can't stay and help because there are other needs.


And a little girl who locked herself in one of the showers. Mom was unable to tell her how to unlock it so a Jefe (boss) with keys had to go back there to help.

I would really like some keys. I am Very Good at returning keys but I would like to have some of my own,,,,speaking of, I forgot to ask whether a move is imminent. I will do that tomorrow.

There was a manic volunteer, been there two weeks apparently, and if Sister Anne thinks I move too fast, well, this woman beats me. Unfortunately it also tends to be rather disjointed and flighty and she doesn't speak Spanish so she rushes up, asks something and then backs up to explain the request and then just points me to the person and then rushes off.

So Karma, I did a couple of nice things today. A woman has to get to the airport around 615 in the morning tomorrow and the guard is the only one there and won't be able to take her. She needs a taxi but has no money and the family didn't arrange to pay for the taxi. So I called and ordered a taxi (karma, do remember how much I hate talking on the phone, esp in Spanish) and then gave her the $20 she will need to pay the taxi. Also I left around 4:45 and rather than quit for the day, went to the store and got a dozen cold drinks, mostly water. The people working to help make phone calls and arrange tickets are stuck--can't get up and get anything. So I was happy to offer them a cold drink.

There you go Karma. Hoping for some good happenings......

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