Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April McAllen # 7 or so..the giant bunny

sort of cute but my pragmatic side wonders what do we do with it now?

Yesterday a well intentioned woman brought some lunch bags with sandwiches, chips, and a can of soda in each one. We typically have some 300 or more people around that time; of course not all are children but still, she didn't bring enough for everyone so of course I had kids coming to ask me for theirs...which I didn't have.

And what do you imagine a 3 year old with a full can of soda will do? Yes, I had to go get a mop. Sigh. No 3 year old needs soda anyway.

About midday Border Patrol brought a woman with a 2 day son. Wow. Mom was clearly sore. We got her a chair, of course, and I saw that the baby was wrapped in a mylar blanket. I immediately found a soft, warm, dark teal one and in less than a minute, the mylar was in the trash and the baby wrapped in blue. A terrific improvement.

As she sat in the reception area, waiting to be registered, contact family, and so on, many of us paused in our chaotic days to admire the newborn. Old, young, male, female, staff, refugee, volunteer--we all shared a few moments of joy that in the midst of so much sorrow and uncertainty, new life arrived to remind us of hope and the future. It was lovely. And I hope her family buys her a plane ticket rather than a bus ticket. Maybe I will check this morning and see, perhaps if they only planned a bus, I can help upgrade to a plane.

and Eli sent me to get lice treatment for a little girl...my head itched immediately. Shudder. So contagious....

We got lots of folks asking for cold remedies; they blame the far too cold detention centers. I imagine the heat of the center feels good. No a/c and hundreds of people makes for a very warm place.

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