Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 2019 Respite Center

and lots of misc, covering past several days, not necessarily in order.

Met Miss Plus Rio Grande Valley. She came to volunteer. Very nice young woman.

We had two women who'd just had C-sections and been released from the hospital. We were told the baby of one was still in the NICU and I felt so bad for her, not being near her baby. Turns out that was a cover story. The baby had been stillborn. How awful to carry a child to near term and have it die.....

Josh Norman, Washington "Redskins" player...came and donated $18,000 to the respite center. Looked him up and he does many good things. Met him last spring when he first visited and he remembered me! Got a selfie but I look dreadful so I cropped it. Good person.

Noted yesterday a lack of one seems to know who the young woman is who proclaimed that she is the asst. volunteer coordinator. Our 2 drivers mixed up who was taking who to the airport when....our boss and one driver were at odds over how many snack bags to keep by the exit door. The occasional staff meeting would be good, ha ha.

Yesterday pm went upstairs for diapers. Woman with nametag practically accosts me (in my volunteer t-shirt) and announces to me that SHE is going to make everyone wear a name tag (I, obviously, was not). She continued: "Y'all aren't doing what WE are doing!". I should have asked what that was supposed to mean...but instead gave her a dismissive look and slight head shake and moved on. Wonder if she will be there today....

Not OCD but like tidy and organized, and the area behind the bar counter is a mess. Most of the mess is under the counter, at least out of the way. But stuff spills out and it's hard to walk and not only a mess but a hazard if we need to get out from behind there in a hurry. The rotating volunteers tend to do whatever so although stuff moves around, it is pretty reliably always a mess. I want to organize it this coming week. Wish me luck.

Still on the counter. WHY a bin of large containers of baby powder? We don't give it out, except maybe in doses in small cups. So we sure don't need a bin full. We're avoiding soap, since it clogs the drains (they get body wash in hygiene kits). But there are more than one bins full of bar soap. And they are heavy. And they need to go upstairs, which means smaller and more containers and someone to haul them. 

Was called on to meet and assist a delivery of 3 pallets of hygiene products at 10 on Thurs, I think it was. I was there at 10. At 1020 I left but kept checking back to the delivery door on the alley. At 1230 I went to lunch and of course that's when UPS showed up, in a semi, in the alley.....I got back and it was one pallet, not three. And it was cubicle walls, not hygiene products. And the driver complained about being late on his route. Not MY fault! And we had to get two guys each for one cubicle panel because they were so big and a bit heavy. All stored safely upstairs now. The semi blocked alley traffic for well over half an hour and there were donors lined up behind. Glad that mess is over.

We now have an "isolation room" upstairs, AC, place to rest etc. We've already had one chicken pox in there....And the clinic is being set up, very nice, we've had a couple of moms with 2 or 3 day old kids there.

We ahd a couple of days where we got folks out and new folks hadn't come. Volunteers get out a jump rope and harmonica and lots of playing and fun ensues. Coloring books, books to read corner, even a soccer ball! Time to braid and work on each other's hair. Singing! So awesome to see.

and a couple of reunions. We only see if people are actually picked up by family. I love to greet them, hug our detainees, wish them well, see them off.

possibly more later. It's 7 am and about time to start my shift.

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