Tuesday, August 6, 2019

El Paso and beyond....

so we're scared.

We work at a Humanitarian Respite Center and now we are afraid that white supremacists or copy cats will think our shelter is a great place to "stop the invasion". They don't know our numbers are down due to the remain in Mexico policy--though we still get 150 or more per day from detention centers.

I went to work Monday feeling despair inside but focusing on helping and compassion outside. Long time volunteers and staff mentioned to me several times during the day that they are afraid of a shooting incident too.

One begins to think. I had Active Shooter Training--what would I do? What are the exits and which are permanently locked? We have two guards 24/7. Are they armed? I don't know. I doubt the front doors/windows are bullet proof. They're tinted so you can't see in but that's about it.

Would a shooter know that you don't have to enter by the front guarded door? I don't plan on publicizing it....

Would I run to get kids? Stand in front of refugees? Approach the shooter to interrupt the carnage?

I don't know. I hope I don't have to find out.

and we had a visit from the bishop, the mayor, and the police chief, reviewing our security and making recommendations. It's upside down for a human shelter to have to protect itself....

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  1. It's terrible that you even have to contemplate this happening there. :(