Sunday, August 18, 2019

MPP and other illegal policies....and effects

so people have a legal right to request asylum in the USA. By not permitting them to enter via "approved ports", the USA gov't has forced them to cross at "unapproved" locations,  which are often dangerous and have resulted in deaths.

That being seen as insufficient, the gov't put in place the "remain in Mexico" policy (MPP). So now, in my area for example, CBP is meeting refugees on the USA side and sending them directly back to Mexico. In some cases, along other parts of the border, we are evidently shipping them south to Monterrey with no support, or worse, Chiapas.

This means there are fewer detainees and fewer detainees to release into our care. So our shelter, with support, resources, volunteers, is mostly empty. We have food, clothing, hygiene supplies, energy and desire but no one to help.

The 9th Circuit Court said it had to stop, but also said that its ruling only applied to its own jurisdiction, which does not include Texas.

There is no change on the horizon, though change seems to be the only constant.

At this point in time, we are exploring options. There are shelters in Reynosa, across the border from McAllen. We could transport human and physical resources there to help asylum seekers who have been turned away and have nowhere else to go.

But Reynosa is dangerous, in large part due to kidnappings by cartels. An associate told me that if we are in marked Catholic Charities vehicles, we should be ok. But in these early days, Catholic Charities has not decided whether it's a good idea to send supplies over. So no CC vehicles and too dangerous in personal ones.

It's possible, and highly desirable! that the 9th Circuit will review and revise its order and make MPP enforcement illegal all along the border. Or that some other event will occur to force a change in the policy (it seems unlikely that this admin would change it willingly). Until then, we are helplessly watching the cruelty and illegality of forcing asylum seekers to remain in dangerous situations.

Stay tuned.

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